My transformational awareness journey began at age twenty when I broke my neck in gymnastics, was paralyzed and told I wasn’t going to recover. Completely recovering from my accident caused me to look at my life from a whole new perspective. Writing my book “Broken To Brilliant” allowed me to connect the dots (experiences) to develop a new perspective on why my life unfolded the way it did. More importantly, it exposed the truth of what really happened, instead of the stories I told myself to feel safe and make sense of my life. All of our experiences and life stories have shaped us. How we interpreted and gave meaning to those stories formed all the beliefs of who we think we are and what we’re capable of. This type of awareness can transform lives.

Often, we believe that things in life, like this horrendous accident of mine, happened to us. I have heard and now believe life happens for us. What if you could gain a new awareness, a new perspective of your experiences and begin to uncover the potential gift in each one of them. This new perspective might give you a whole new outlook on why everything happens for a reason.

It might sound crazy, but I’ve always said breaking my neck was one of the best things that ever happened to me. The injury was devastating but it caused me to have a new found thirst for knowledge about how to train more effectively.  The accident gifted me the inspiration to develop a sequential training program that developed total body awareness in my athletes. My athletes had so much success that I was asked to be on the USA Coaching staff and got to travel all over the world with the USA team. More importantly it allowed me to have a very successful gymnastics school and do what I love for a living.  

I truly believe my injury forced me to look at things differently and depend my own inner-knowing. It caused a compound effect, enabling me to create an amazing life that I could never have imagined.

What if many of the ‘so called’ bad things that happened to us in our lives, were actually the catalysts that created all the good things in our lives? What if there is no good or bad? What if all of our perceptions of who we think we are and what we’re capable of doing, are just skewed perceptions of our own minds? Do you think that discovering the real truth by connecting the dots of your life would be something you’d like to be aware of? I hope so

Lack of awareness is what caused my accident. Lack of awareness of our unconscious beliefs is what is holding us back from following our dreams, creating the life we desire, or reaching our full potential in any area of our lives

We all have the capacity to create the so called impossible in our lives, simply by becoming aware and gaining a new perspective of why things happened the way they did.

By looking at the experiences in your life and connecting the dots for yourself to reveal the truth, meaning the gift in what happened, instead of your perception of what happened, your life will be transformed. This new found awareness will allow you to do the so called impossible and create the life of your dreams. I invite you to take a transformational journey of your own asap.

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